Like Blood And Oxygen

breathing underwater,
these ancient words waves,
and these timeless thoughts
tides, and beacons…

my breath, my lament
(like blood and oxygen)
held tight within my chest,
and crushed by the familiar

finally rushes out,
released exposed expression
of an anguished soul,
a suffocating heart
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.41.30 AM
what was true for all,
of All ‘neath the sun
was not true for me,
me, here without air

cast careless away
(chummed over the side)
remnants of shame bubbling
out thru my clenched teeth
and sinking, sinking, drowning,
praying for a whale
or even just a school
of plankton-kissed bright breath

and then against my will
my chest constricts, it heaves,
and bucks…glory oh glory
at last it’s true for me

and I am, finally
breathing underwater

3 thoughts on “Like Blood And Oxygen

  1. Thank you for sending this to me. What beautiful and striking imagery-I could feel myself drowning beside you. Your timing (as always) is impeccable.
    I am reading the “seal woman” chapter in Wolves, and your words could fit within that context, too.
    So brilliant – the notion of being amphibious. Against your will until nature prevails. Gorgeous, my friend. Love you ❤️

    • omg LM…this connection to the seal woman is profound, for that chapter impacted me greatly. I can certainly see those seeds in the approach I took…and ALSO in the real life response to the situation that this poem sprang from. THANK YOU for that connection!

      PS: you should have seen the early draft…it was about 5 times as long…and it just kept whispering to deconstruct, deconstruct…pare it down

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