To Feed You Evergreen (For Lil Mama)

you’ve been running canyons
looking for yourself
that beautiful wild girl
who sat there in the dust
and wrestled with that trike

while others just looked on
(they had forgotten joy)
and cursed you with perspective
above and to the right
that made you second guess

and work hard in the night
to be the perfect one
and get them off your back
for good, for evil too
but it just distanced you

and gave you space to run
in canyons made of bones
along your Sangre River
still looking for yourself
alive and free and wild

well, Baby, you have found her
she thrives though she is short,
and though sun’s rays are slant
they still can peek down deep
to feed you evergreen

I have always seen you
I see you still, here, strong
and still, delicate, fragile
and still indestructible
growing wild and free

8 thoughts on “To Feed You Evergreen (For Lil Mama)

  1. Omg…it’s my canyon.
    And, I’m sitting here with running shoes – lacing up and looking for that inner fortitude. I’m also sitting here with tears in my eyes – grateful for your heart and eyes that see me so well. Speechless…I am so speechless…

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! Loved reading this again AND seeing our comments. Oh, my sister…you knew I needed a reminder of my canyon. Survival mode these days – something you know all too much about. Xoxox

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