I Am A Cello

I am a cello
alone in my beauty
inhabiting curves

like mountains inhabit
the space all around
so bright, luminous

and longing for hands
and legs all around
and the touch of fingers

on my strings tuned just so
like winds on the faces
of those shining ramparts

of stone, ice and lichen
that fall to the earth
in splashes of granite

and music like lava
slowed down by indifference
but still singing loudly

under the rainbow
across those tuned strings
and across my heart

for I am a cello


6 thoughts on “I Am A Cello

  1. As I was an adolescent and into my later teen years; I learned and loved to play a Cello. This poem is so tremendous! And, as a matured adult, as well, I must admit the complementary photo image you have chosen here… Exceptional! 🙂
    This poem and its emotional, cultural and personal meaning to me, is top-of-the-chart listed in my life.
    Thank you for creating it and expressing its form and context. I feel it.
    ~ Eric

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