The Fall Of Ancient Time

I am not a place
for the faint of heart
or blustery of soul!

But I do get lonely
as the night wheels past
my achey longing heart.
Do you not suffer
the war in this world?
Do you not feel
all the pain in this world?
The loneliness and the
no hope in this world,
the boredom and fear
of failure,
too strong to resist in this world?
Bitterness of heart
amok in this world,
not knowing fully
who we are or who thou art,
not knowing this,
just knowing thy love
is beyond every knowing.

No other love has power
to fall on us and make us whole.

No other touch can withstand
the fall of Ancient Time
Here inside a civil war
between me and me.
all the time winning
and all the time losing

because I am a world,
a universe and I cannot
be explored in just one day

It will take seasons,
whole winters and
years of summers
to mount up on wings
and cascade over mountains
talking with you
sometimes is either
a slap in the face
or a slammed door,
and yet 
the Void…gaping gulf,
it is but exhalation
in the Light of your shadow!

And falling
into that seeming nothing,
yawning and gulping, well
it is but a dropped stitch
in the Banners over me
of You.

3 thoughts on “The Fall Of Ancient Time

  1. I tried to pick a favorite stanza to discuss but found relevance in each one. Keep writing sister…I’m slow, but always feel like it’s a blessing to read your words just when I need to read them the most. xo

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