“Clea” by Matrix 9

So…I used to be a jazz player waaay back in high school…trombone.

One year, we brought in this odd group as a fund raiser so we could go to the Reno Jazz Festival.

They played a bunch of songs, but the only one I remember and will never EVER forget is this one, “Clea”.

There is a sung line or two in the song…but the only part I remember is this:

“One with myself, one with myself, finally I am one”.

When I first heard that I burst into tears and wanted to explode in the instant…and it haunted me ever since…years and years and years that line haunted me and I knew not why.

I do now, though…know why. ┬áThank God I am closer…day by day.


My Baby Loves God Like A Boss!

My Baby loves God like a boss!

She ain’t no red-light winker
or Fleet Street wanker
when it comes to
loving Them, HELL NO…

She’s a street walking swinger
as long as that street glows golden
and is called The Way, or just plain
Beautiful, or if that street is a market

and she will buy Their wares…
pearls here, pears there,
peas and poultry right next
to peace and praise…


My Baby loves God…loves God like a boss!!