Hourglass in Reverse

Time slides sideways
and runs rapid and drags
I watch my days
march closer to the end,
and I feel fresh life
fragrant hope and
flow into me from beyond
as I gain access to myself
and the silver that
lay so long dormant
in the lining.
I will dance forever,


4 thoughts on “Hourglass in Reverse

    • Thank you so very kindly! It is so strange, as I have begun to live in some essential ways for the very first time, and yet I am halfway thru this thing called life…and yet regardless it is the prelude to a forever now that will be the fulfillment of all longing.

      • You’re welcome. Wise words there. I’m intrigued by the idea of “essential ways.” That is a very nice way of putting it. I like it. I know I want the same out of my life.

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