How deeply gender assumption runs!

I saw this lovely little cartoon, and loved the sentiment.  But I had to search, looking for myself in this depiction:  Where am I at?


It is so deep as to nearly be a reflex, a knee-jerk, to define a new infant immediately as one of the genders our binary dictates.  Even for us in the LGTB community it is hard not to gender others without thought, based strictly on outward appearances, whether they be dress or biology.

To see others as precious, as Image-Bearers of the Divine, as wonders waiting revelation, as infinite sources of amazing and unique expression…this is a good habit to cultivate.

Won’t you join me today, Charissa Grace, transgender woman who is daily finding rest and confidence in my being, and ask for open heart, open eyes, & open ears?

Ya never know…perhaps that will be the spark that finally ignites us to burst into flaming actuality of our towering potential together!