Why I must come out: Geena Rocero at TED2014 | TED Blog


This is worth your time and effort to watch…

love the revelation of talent, intelligence, warm and engaged humanity and class that is on display as more and more transgender human beings find voice and platform to simply BE THEMSELVES!

It is breathtaking to me…and yet, think about it:  actually what is happening is the same as what happens in all other ways when human beings get a chance to be known.  What is new and revolutionary is that transgender people can now more often be see more clearly and without the presuppositional blinders and assumptions that created such prejudging and thus hatred, fear and rejection.

Please…consider that interaction you may have today…without knowing it you may be giving a cup of water to the least of these, and entertain angels unawares.

Why I must come out: Geena Rocero at TED2014 | TED Blog.