Before you visit …

So…I had NO IDEA that this blogging thing was gonna get out to people!

What a dumb bunny I am!  When ya think about it, of course it is now out there, but I thought that the only way it would ever be read was if I sent a link to someone…and only 3 people had that link sent.  No matter…I found emails in my in box telling me that lots of people were liking my writing!!!!!!

OMG I just teared up big time and felt my heart leap into my throat and stick…skert…excited…anxious…exhilerated…

But one wonderful person followed me too, and he wrote such a poignant post…please read it, and know that the things you take for granted are huge HUGE mountains for we the desaperacidos!

Click below for his poignant words:

Before you visit ….