…and to my heart’s hearth draw nigh

Frost nipped early today, the foxy devil!
Thirsty after his long nap, he stirred and snuck
slinking thru leaves who are yet waving to throngs
gathered and garlanded with greens and tinged gold.

The drunkard! Can’t keep his greedy hands off!

You okay?  His touch cold and alien is but shadow
and I had spied his sneaky darting and weasly weaving
so I piled some woven glowy cloaks…and mittens
(oh mittens, those wings of joyous season)

Here…drink this.  It’s hot and giving hope!

Follow me, I marked the way with green leaves and hid the gold
so frost would not ken our road (besides, he is rolled up over there,
drunk on his early indulgence and feverish grabbing of your heart!
Nay, I marked our path back over brooks and meadows to be Autumn’s courtyard

Our cottage is there…come in…and to my heart’s hearth draw nigh.


heart always, ddh…heart always