What Is Freshly Pressed…

…oh yeah, I know what it is denotationally:  somebody official at WordPress (wherever that is, Hogwarts maybe) reads something you wrote and they are at just the right place in just the right space and it strikes them with a light of significance and they “Freshly Press” it…

…and then there is a magical inferring of a spring in the step, a firmness in the knees, a swagger in the heart (if you are an extrovert) or just a (fleeting) sense of significance and exoneration for this daily act of expiation called writing (if you are an introvert).

And then what really delights me is when someone who advertises they have been FP starts to follow Grace Notes…and I get all giggly cus one of the cool kids likes what I am writing…and then I remember the old story about the class of 7th graders who all picked on the quiet nerdy introverted girl and worshipped the outgoing handsome jock.  One day the teacher asked the kids to say who it was they admired and one by one the children stood and extolled the virtues of their budding young King Arthur…until the last one left was the jock himself (the nerdy girl was automatically eliminated from being able to speak).

The jock stood, in discomfort and struggle, and then finally took a breath and said to the class that the person he looked up to the most in class was the nerdy girl and he tried to emulate and imitate her.  She was his example and inspiration!tumblr_nnd38eATkZ1qfrnt6o1_1280

You could have heard a pin drop when the class realized the implications of this.

It’s sorta like that here on Word Press at times, yeah?

So just write.  Identify your goal, illuminate your vision…

and know that the only pressing that ultimately is of significance is the pressing on the heart of a fellow human being.

Do Justice.  Love Mercy.  Walk Humbly.

Charissa Grace