Momentarily Overwhelmed…


I just want to let my WordPress friends know how deeply touched I am to have crossed paths with you, and how much the richer I am for that nexus.  But there are a few in particular, and I think you know who you are, who have just given me things that you do not even realize.

How to talk about a life in the midst of crowds, in the throng and people around and wanting, needing…a life that looked full and busy and complete and populated well by human friends…and yet was empty, austere, colorless and arduous and looming large until death day, release day…Hope Day…

And now…the same people on the outside, getting the food I make (literally and spiritually), and yet bursts and blossoms and riots of color and fragrance and happy giddy joy underlain by deep abiding grateful tears and solid singing spiritual celebration…and some friends!

It is strange to me that in many ways if you read here regularly, you know me better than almost everyone else who knows of me!  🙂

And that overwhelms me…I was just sitting here…looking at your profile pics, and knowing your blogs, your writings and thoughts, and imagining your valleys and hills and gardens…and the tears just welled up.

Thank you!  Truly thank you…you know who you are!

May my Mama, the Lady Grace known to most as Holy Spirit, and Jesus the Merciful Risen Lamb, and the Father of Lights from whom every good and perfect gift comes, bless you this day…keep you safe from things you will never know of, and preserve your feet in the paths of delight and truth…and may you know the Goodness of God in the Land of the Living.

I love you one and all, and will see you on that day!


Charissa Grace, the grateful and glad gleam of my Lady Grace, my mama!


Excited and nervous

So…….yesterday I submitted some poetry to a magazine that I respect.  It is published by my 2 daughters’ close friend from Jr. High and High School.  They were telling me about K****, and her husband who had started up this publication, and it was getting lots of well deserved props!

But I didn’t submit there for that reason, the girls and their friend…I submitted because when I looked at the magazine I thought it was so cutting edge and much needed for some huge lacks in our modern and sterile culture.  It resonated with my values, principles, and philosophies.  It is clean and laid out so artistically and it’s esthetically pleasing too.

In reading the articles and thinking, I resonated deeply with their call to community and family and spiritual approaches to living.  I identified with the commitment to “good art” and an aesthetic that was committed to beauty and truth.  In short, I felt the same way inside me when I read it as I do when I am creating a poem!

So, I decided to submit.  I sent in What is Grey?and If I Could Go Back...”and Merry Christmasand Come Sit With Me.

The spirit of What is Grey fits in well with what I read, and If I Could Go Back…tries to capture the essence of friendship and love and community.

After I did it, I started to get anxious and stressed.  I had to say a bit about myself, and for now, besides here in this blog, I am only out to immediate family, my counselour Heather and my Naturopaths.  So I called one of my daughters and talked with her and she encouraged me a lot by telling me that her friend has expressed to her a deep desire to be of assistance to the LGTB community, and specifically to transgender people!  Imagine my delight and instant hope!

And then, last night, negativity pulled me deep, and I had to laugh, because before I submitted, I considered those 4 poems solid…and after?  Worst. Poems. In. The. World!!!!!!