Ode to Canning

After several hours, canning is done!

On the menu:
Low Sugar Strawberry Jam
Low Sugar Blue-Strawberry Jam
Strawberry w/Black Pepper and Balsamic
Lavender Infused Strawberry Caramel
Once I figured out
the frothee bubble thing
from the first batch

it was smooth sailing!

Thanks Helen and Erik
for your advice and help.

This poem is a FB post by my friend Terri Aldridge…if you click on her name, it goes to a poem I wrote about/for her.

I glanced at her FB post here, and it just sang to me of the steam and the heat and the delights that must be waited for…the odds are you may not be able to see the FB post…but it is this pic, with those words that I just formatted a bit…as a lil one with my Grandma, we canned a bit…(and by a bit I mean a LOT).

Remember, my dear People Mover:

to become delicious delectable jam
that tastes amazing and delights many,
you must be picked and plucked,
diced and disected,
mashed and mixed,
whirled and HEATED,

and then placed
in a place with no air…

Grace will be your air,
and faith your lungs.
I will breathe for you,
I will believe for you

You will open,
in times of want and famine
and Mama will unscrew that cap
that seals you now,
frustrates you now,
defeats you now…

She will dig into you
with Her Refined Silver Glistening Spoon
and spread you out from the seas to the moon
and your gravity of flavor will move the moon
(instead of the other way around)

Until then
let your heart
be sweet and gentle
let your fires bank so low
and nurture hope inside your spirit
and wells of love pure in your soul
and peace will be the war you know

much love and continued prayers
you matter, and are fiercely unique
and vitally important in the Shine…