Living Above the Curse (Part 1 – Woman)

My friend… My Litter Mate.

Cage-Free Christian

If you are reading this you are obviously human, and as such, dear human, I have some wonderful bad news for you – You are cursed.

All y’all, without exception.

The wonderful part is that you are not alone in your cursedness. It totally makes you human and connects you to all humanity in all space and time. Your curses are inherent in your biology and psychology.

There are many flavors and degrees, but the truth of being human remains – we all come into this world stocked with a unique set of genetic and family-of-origin dysfunctions that constantly drag us down away from being able to love ourselves and therefore each other. I’ve been on a journey to get real with my own and my family’s unique fucked-up-ed-ness for 10 years now ever since something Wholly Holy Other stirred in me as Liberty Grace was being knitted together…

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