FYI: On Zodiac Facts

I think it is a given that so many zodiac facts can apply to all people…surely, Dear Constance, you realize that?

So instead of arguing about the validity of “astrology”, how about instead pondering what exactly I am saying when I post them…and why I am saying that?

Them with eyes, let them see.

3 thoughts on “FYI: On Zodiac Facts

  1. You’ve taught much about the little I know about astrology…it’s fun and interesting. But, as you’ve noted, when you post a Cancer reference, I look to see what you’re saying and how it applies not only for you…but, for my bestie (who shares your same birth date) and for my daughter (who shares many of your personality traits). I sure am glad you have patience…is that a Cancer trait? It certainly doesn’t belong to Pisces đŸ˜‰

    • Giggles!! No…Pisces do tend to weave and slip swiftly thru the waters and ripples…and they cannot help but JUMP and try for those flies so tantalizingly close just beyond the surface of the waters…and OH the SHOCK of AIR…and oh the beauty of their rainbow scales contrasting with the crystal water drops in the cool shining sun…

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