I’m Right Here

This is my friend, a fellow human being whom I have connected to thru the miracle curse of social media (or is it a cursed miracle?).

This is my sister, made so by blood and by bearing of burdens…the blood of the afflicted crying out on the ground, the blood on the hands of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the Blood of The Crucified Christ Above All…

This is my litter-mate, born from the Heart of our Mama, Great Holy Spirit by Whom the Lord Themself created all things, she who laid blind by Mama and my side as we snuggled, nursed, and gained our sustenance on the same Mama’s milk…

This is my shield-maiden and battle companion, fighting the wars of Joy relentless against the sandstone of hate…

This is a friend, a wife to one true man, a mother to giants who can fit into the smallest of cottages and fill up a palace…this is a feeder of hungry, the scourge of the sated, and a singer of the Praises of The Worthy One who was slain and is now Risen…

This is a Lucy, an Eowyn…

This is a blessed bumbly dork who is learning the freedom of no pretence and utter reveling in joy…

I love her…my Friend, Jennifer Dickensontumblr_o0ntaqezMk1rr74i9o1_1280
(JD, Mama and Me)

Cages and Keys

I’m here. I’m here. I’m right here…and I am not well

Squatting in the ashes, scraping festering sores

And there you are…right there

Cold eyes deliberately unseeing

Cadaverous hearts, pickled and pristine

I would cherish you to sit with me here

Even as Job’s friends, whether mute or fumbling

To try and make sense of failure and despair

But no…you will not acknowledge me here

Denying my family – YOUR FAMILY – so much as a scrap

The affection and resources you lavish on dogs

Days became months turned to years spent right here

Silently screaming, staring at your backs turned…right there

I’m here. I’m here. I’m right here…and I am not well

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