President Obama’s Tenure Has Been More “Christian” Than His Critics Will Ever Admit

Source: President Obama’s Tenure Has Been More “Christian” Than His Critics Will Ever Admit

My Dear Brother in the Faith has hit another one dead on the button…this is a fantastic article and it summarizes soo much better than I can what my very own thoughts and feelings are regarding Barack Obama.

Full disclosure…I was a full on opponent of Obama in 2008.  He has been incredible…and I cannot in fairness say that he surprised me.  All I can truly say is he was/is himself…it is I who have changed…Hopefully I have grown and shrunk both, for both are necessary.

What John says…big time.

2 thoughts on “President Obama’s Tenure Has Been More “Christian” Than His Critics Will Ever Admit

  1. Unfortunately, I think ‘Jesus’ is for many Christians a word they use to describe their own vices. Obama doesn’t hurt people enough for right wing believers, and that is his principle failing. They want a Christian who willlkash out at their enemies and enjoy doing it.

    • Thank you for commenting, my friend…can you be more specific about what vices Jesus is a code-word for? I do happen to know many Rightwing christians but I don’t know any who would classify Jesus as their cover for sin…they have PLENTY of other things they use to cover for that, namely a lot of so called theology. But generally, they claim to revere the name of Jesus.

      Sadly, their actions belie their words over and over again, but in the attempt at fairness, I am gonna lean back a bit in terms of your assessment of Jesus as a code-word cover.

      As to Obama, their hatred of him is exceeded only by their fear of him. With the right-wing, at least virtually every right-winger I know, it isn’t so much that they intentionally want to hurt people, it is that they hold abstract ideals and principles more precious than people, and thus will express heartlessness without even flinching because in their hearts they truly believe they are preserving some “faith” that is only in their minds.

      Jesus said of these types: “You heap up burdens for humanity to carry, but you won’t lift a finger to help bear the load”…and in His diatribe against the pharisees of His day He said even more!

      Thank you again for reading, and even more for sharing your thoughts…they are much valued in both cases!

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