That Instant Untimeless Moment

You know that moment
(or is it an era or an eon)

that time in which space expands
(or does it contract)
or rather that space in which time
runs faster or stops all together…

that moment when you must
step up or step back215c6d2a3dbe7a61fed6c481f0147db9you must be quick-eyed and instant
not sluggish, slothful, mesmerized
by the glimmer of light on the waves
and the ripples of the sea towards the shore…

you must take your chin from your knees
raise your nose to the stiff water breeze
and let your hair blow free and unafraidtumblr_nx6zipp7261snvb88o1_1280I have heard a lot of empty words
devoid of solid stance and foundation

in that expanding time,
that folding space,
that instant

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