I Miss Her Here


I miss her…here.

She is busy, that lil spider,
preparing webs to catch
the breath of faintest promise
to give to her beloveds
all the spice that wafts there,
scented on those winds so warm…

but I miss her…
her eyes upon my words
so reassuring and affirming
and confirming to myself
the truths of which I write
that slide so easily
right under every other nose…
I have cloaked myself in cheeses,
breads, the scents of vintages
chocolates and the smells
of flamenco heels sparking
on the dance floor midst
sweat and anguish and amour.

I miss her…DDH
and her eyes gentle
on my words
and her heart so fierce
within their meaningtumblr_nno2a7ju121u1ciazo1_1280

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