OMFG This.

This is the story of my life.

Seventeen years flogging a dead horse in a gathering of believers in which I was never really received or understood…and it is a good thing I was there, as I worked off so many of my rough edges and worked thru so many issues of sanctification…but wow do I regret the spiritual abuse I voluntarily embraced in the name of proving I was “submitted”.  I deeply regret that.

33 plus years working a job that was death to me…daily.  At first because it was a way to support us while we readied ourselves for seminary…and then later as a stable means of provision for our children that came along…I truly thought it a noble undertaking, worthy of honor, to go there everyday and work away my heartblood on behalf of my hearts whom I loved more than anything I was aware of…

…only to have that thrown in my face in reams and reams of words and torrents of hate and rage and anguish…all of it rendered meaningless in that rejection…