Christian, It’s Okay to Change Your Mind | john pavlovitz

Source: Christian, It’s Okay to Change Your Mind | john pavlovitz

A year ago a friend of over 30 years disowned me in the Name of Jesus…

It was so surreal.

But Sir…I won’t use the word friend because though you sought to reserve that cherished label as cover for actions you chose, you are not one or you would have chosen differently…

Sir, the view here on this side of the river is glorious.  I see The Father so much more clearly…and Jesus the Merciful…and the Holy Spirit, my Beloved Mama so close and intimate.

I want you to know that if you have the courage of your convictions to examine them…and the humility to see that simply loving and accepting people is NOT the same thing as denying Jesus (as if doing exactly what He IS would be denying Him)…well then you will find me willing and ready to share the things I am learning.

As my brother John writes, and paraphrasing him in the words of my father:

“A wise person changes their mind; a fool? Never!”

PS:  Let there be no mistake:  I make the same confession that John does…sadly, for me it took the discovery and owning of who and what I am to unbend me and give me a compassionate heart…the deepest regret of my life is that I did not find the grace to unbend sooner