Super Moon: Is It Saying Anything?

“Nothing will solve your heartbreak,
your soul-ache or take your pain away.
Nothing save getting to the source of the sore.

What happens far too often in life is
when we have a malady we look
for a solution to its symptom.

Instead of dealing with the cause of the condition directly
we chase phantom feelings and end up spent.
We go to the ends of the earth, build cases of blame against innocent victims,
retreat from life’s lessons, refuse to grow, refuse to let go
and refuse the only things that can cure our cray.

Go to the source.

Get to the root of an issue and to the heart of the matter.
But you’ve got to be brave.
You’ve got to outsmart your complexes,
because once you are caught in them,
the hardest thing to do is to name them.

Complexes rise up in disguise.
They trick us into thinking an illusion is the stone cold truth.
They wrap themselves around us, smothering our logic.
They paralyze our problem-solving skills.

And they are the only way into the truth of what we have to sort through.

Our complexes hold a tremendous amount of energy
and if we can dismantle them, then they become less of a threat
and a great source of self-knowledge.

Get to the core of a childhood wound,
or psychological situation that is both
holding you back and holding a great
amount of your energy hostage.

Meditate on the true nature and source
of anything that arises and watch
just how quickly you can get to healing
and then onto living.”

Chani Nichols
found on Pinterest

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