Reader, You’re Done (Constance, You’re Good)

You are welcome to read…but don’t ever expect anything more than that.

Oh, there can be reconciliation, certainly!  Rivers are so easy to cross, you know…but you haffa get wet feet to do it, and maybe even slip on some rocks and fall all the way in.  But the water is shallow, never over your head except when you are small in your thinking, and then it’s you that shrinks, not the river that grows deeper.

But that access…to walk around on the pillowed floor of my tender heart in your dirty work boots and me cleaning up after with my love?


Constance…you who is here as the Constant Reader?  You are not “Reader”…those from the past who sometimes stop here aghast and offended and unwilling to see what isn’t there in that Book they venerate but keep in a cage lest it get free and consume them.

And as to the four…if you ever come here and it isn’t too late…the road leads ever on, and my heart is ever open.  It is not capable of having a door against you (yeah, I know, I know…that only validates your claim about me not understanding boundaries…it’s true:  when I love someone utterly the most precious gift I know how to give is access and no barriers or limits…I guess that shows I am a fool in love, for sure).

But my heart will always be open and it’s chambers cleansed with my tears, purified with my regret, and perfumed by my love.

One thought on “Reader, You’re Done (Constance, You’re Good)

  1. Love doesn’t have conditions and barriers. You are allowed to love without restriction- even if the 4 say you can’t and try to twist it into something else.

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