Pastor, Be Brave.

This is, quite literally, the very best account and explanation of why I avoided paid ministry like the plague.

It also can really help you be more tender in your view and perception of christian leaders and pastors and help you get past shoulds and oughts into the world of IS.

Quite a bit of the awful gordian knot of church leadership and ministry could be disposed of if “lay christians” would take hold of the sword of the spirit and start swinging like Alexander the Great!

Cut that thing! Quit fiddling with it! Quit trying to pay others to walk your walk and talk your talk.

Get after it, the work of the ministry, in the simple, immediate and obvious ways.

Do justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly

john pavlovitz


Pastor, be brave.

Believe me, I know it isn’t easy.

I never wanted to be a pastor myself. Eighteen years ago I was drafted, pulled into ministry later in life while in the middle of a successful career as an Art Director. What started out as a few seemingly harmless hours a week volunteering with students has led to nearly two decades in full-time service in the Church.

I’ve been where you are. I’m still there now.

One of the things I remember early on, was how strange it felt the first time I got paid to be a pastor. It made me feel legitimized for sure and it was certainly greatly appreciated, but I also realized that things had changed. I was no longer a free-lance believer. I was no longer autonomous. My spiritual life had been leased out and appropriated by a crowd. There was now an ever-growing, ever-changing list…

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