My Sister ‘Becca

I have a friend that I call ‘Becca.  She has simply clicked with me…and of course she is a Scorpio!  Giggle…Heather, Dani, Jane, there are reinforcements!  ❤

Anyway, I just decided to adopt myself into her family, and so I am her sister, and she mine.

She spoke for me today…in my absence, in ways of towering significance and true strength…to a person that I have not spoken to or even been in touch with for like 15 or 20 years!

This person apparently repeatedly used my birth name in derogatory ways in the attempt to demean me? (By the way, this is what is known as ‘policing’)  And ‘Becca not only spoke up for me, she left the situation before losing her temper, thus showing her grasp of the true nature and intent of my own heart and vision.


That is being an ally…being a sister.  She didn’t call me up and demand an explanation.  She didn’t tell me that my transition was causing her issues so she needed to distance herself.  She called to tell me so I would know and to be sure that she had handled it appropriately…even went so far as to infer that she would give this person “what for” if they came at her again.

Because I am no more ashamed of my birth name and who I was than a butterfly is ashamed of its stage as a caterpillar, I volunteered to share back story with her.

She simply said:  “Ya know, I just love my Charissa, and want to know Charissa Grace”.

*she called me “her Charissa”…*

Thank you, ‘Becca…you epitomize family and what being an ally is.

Oh…and trouble maker?  You who think you are fuller of the Holy Spirit than anyone else?  You who have not spoken to me or seen me in ages and ages and have no idea anything of my heart and soul?  I will simply sing of my liberty while you are chained to your small, tight heart and your ignorant judgements.

Thank you ‘Becca…ally and friend indeed!tumblr_nn6avj2OgZ1s6k31lo1_1280

8 thoughts on “My Sister ‘Becca

  1. In a world that often seems to have been taking over by the Thought Police (who apparently feel we should all be grateful for their demeaning if it “wakes us up to reality” / makes us feel as miserable as them), it is wonderful to be reminded that there are also people like your Becca out there who both refuse to heed that kind of rubbish but refuse to pay back like for like.

    • BINGO!

      Refuse to pay back like for like…but overcoming evil with love.

      Gawd, nothing gets me high like loving in the face of evil, and watching that fat bitch trip and fall and go down down down while another human is freed from the chains of hate…

      let hell rage, and heaven ring with joy…and Charissa Grace will caper gleefully like a young colt forever.

  2. I am so happy that you have added to your team of supportive Scorpio team! she sounds like a true blessing! (Am I the lonely Bull in the group? Lol)

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