Late To Easter…Always Relevant

My Sister sent me this version of Leonard Cohen’s tragically beautiful song “Hallelujah”.

Now…that song is one that I have never ever liked, even while I thought it was so beautiful, so sad.

This though…this version channels all the sorrow and grief into a Hope-Driven ending.

I am aware that so many think that Jesus was a good man, and that many more believe the myth making of Dan Brown, but I want to state it blatantly here for the record (in case this has been missed before *giggle*):

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Incarnate Son of God, the only begotten Son.  I believe that Jesus was the Pre-Existent God and Second Person of the Trinity and that He became as nothing to take on flesh and blood, and that He lived and walked among us fully God and fully man.

I believe that He willingly chose death on the cross in fulfillment of the plan that He and Mama and Father had made from eternity past and that had been accomplished from before the foundations of the Universe.

I believe that the Father raised Him up from the grave after 3 days, and His descent into hell to open every prison door and proclaim liberty to every captive that would choose to follow Him up and out of death.

I believe that His resurrection means that He lives forever in the flesh and as such is the first fruits of the New Creation and the older brother to any who believe in Him and put their trust in Him.  He is now Ascended into Heaven and seated at the right hand of God Living Ever to make Intercession for us to the Father.

I believe that we will someday be raised from the grave and meet Him face to face.

Here is the most important one:  I believe that a close examination of Jesus’ words preclude the option of believing that He was merely a good teacher…because His very words and life and actions proclaimed Him over and over again to be God Incarnate, given of the Father.  

He is either who He said He was (cue Dennis Green’s rant here), or He was insane, or He was a liar and therefore not “a good teacher”.

But…then again, you already knew all these things about me, and you still show up and read.  For that I am so grateful and humbled.

May you know, deep in your core, that anything here that is good, or true, or noble, or right, or inspiring or beautiful…it all comes from my heart touched and redeemed by Jesus the Christ…

…Jesus the Beloved, whom I love with my all.