Our Wedding Song

Okay, the last of blasts from the past today…Pam Mark Hall, sort of a Jesus People Joni Mitchell…she is another person that I bonded on when I was new in the life of Mama and walking towards healing.  Her song “Flying” was my favorite, and I listened to it incessantly, weeping and longing…for what I didn’t know at the time…seems pretty obvious now, eh?  Giggles…

Well, her song “Holy Union” was sung at our wedding, and just now as I was posting this I was listening and just bawling my eyes out, with memories and joy!

And my baby?  More beautiful than ever…more courageous and faithful…stronger and brilliant.  I love her to bits.

And there are people who seriously plead with her to leave me!  The last time this happened?  She rolled her eyes and said “Mmmm…F**K THEM!”.

Jane means “God’s Gracious Gift”…and that she is…gracious, a gift, and God’s.  Me?  I am just the blessed recipient of a person who gets commitment, sacrifice, love and devotion, and who for God only knows what reasons, actually loves me.

Anyway…please enjoy Pam Mark Hall, and the beautiful simplicity of early Jesus People music.



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