Wrong Church Teaching May Cost Grandmother Her Home

Wrong Church Teaching May Cost Grandmother Her Home.

Constance, I think this is a pretty good analysis of how and why a woman got herself between a rock and a hard place over her business choices, and then ended up assuming she was being persecuted for her religious convictions.

Please thoughtfully read thru the entire article, and consider the point of view that there are certain consequences attached to choices of all kinds…business choices, faith choices…all choices.

We need not do anything but take the consequences of our choices, without trying to impose our choice over everyone else’s choice.

In my own case, I made a choice to pursue transition.  I made this choice after much research, a lot of prayer and counsel, and a thorough counting of the cost, both actual and potential.  And there has been a lot happen as a consequence of this choice…a lot that has happened is “tears-worthy” and oh how I have shed them, in buckets…and a lot that has happened has been of eternal value and worth to me.

A lot of other things have happened too which are wrong, unjust, and the product of fear and hatred and ignorance.  But it still comes back to choices, and how to deal with consequences.

People of faith…you were never promised that you would get anything except for persecution.  That is indeed specifically promised.  And business owners…you have certain consequences that come from your decision to go into business.  No one forced you to, and therefore no one else needs to bear the consequences of your choice.tumblr_mgd6dtVxC81r96weoo1_500

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