Building a More Resilient Transgender Community | The Bilerico Project

Building a More Resilient Transgender Community | The Bilerico Project.


Constance, Brynn has truly touched the core of the issue, and has put into words what I have flailed at for post after post after post.

She speaks of the major issues that assail transgender people as we seek to deal with the storms that assail us living as transgender in a gender binary prison.

The things she says about suicide prevention, and why those things are far less effective in convincing a transgender person it is worth it to stick around are powerful!  I actually teared up as she verbalized what my heart feels when I deal with daily living.

Things like “Optimism for my future”, “belief that life has purpose and meaning”, and “strong social support from family, friends, and co-workers”…yeah, she shows so clearly how those sorts of things resonate far more sinister in a transgender heart.

Please read her article…and as you do, let this sink in:  I myself in my entirety affirm the absolute reality of these things she writes of…and that is from a woman who is beloved of God and knows it…and still faces this onslaught daily.

I cannot even begin to imagine how others face their lives, and my heart is broken.  I think that’s why I try to talk to each and every person I meet as if I am the last person that they will encounter in their life…I want that encounter to be the best one they ever had.

Do Justice.  Love Mercy.  Walk Humbly.

Charissa Gracetumblr_nk13w386A31qzcapfo1_500

6 thoughts on “Building a More Resilient Transgender Community | The Bilerico Project

    • Ohhhh…Kat…your encouragement is truly fuel. Many days when I have been soo tempted to give up, I recall something you have said to me, and I think to myself “for my Sissa”…and blunder on!

      • I know it’s hard right now. It will get better. And it will probably get hard again but each time, you’ll be just that much stronger, even if you don’t feel it. It’s there building inside you.

    • Thank you George…my sentiments exactly. As I am sure you have discerned, there is a lot more difficulty behind the scenes than I let on here. Thank you for following the “sonar” and getting the right reading.

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