My Weekend Adventures


We spent a very busy last few days helping Jane’s Father get settled into some new digs up in Washington.  Her sisters were there, and we traveled up to help out.  It was an involved and rewarding time.

I took the opportunity to share with her sisters and that went very well.  I am thankful for their great hearts, sensitive souls, and most of all for receiving me into their family and extending to me the same loyalty and love they have for one another.  I am humbled by their gift.

On the way home, we lost our alternator, and consequently lost our battery as well.  We were about 1 mile from I5, on the outskirts of Burlington WA.  I was confused, as I had heard Mama telling me we would have a great trip home!

Well, within 2 minutes a sheriff had pulled up behind me, had offered to take me to the Auto Zone, and had PROPERLY gendered me!!  When I asked him how he knew, he smiled and said that my gender was obvious to him and it was only respectful.  What a gallant man, and I mean that!

At the Auto Zone, the store manager himself was there, drove me back to the stranded van with a new battery plus the testing equipment to check out the alternator.  When he verified that the alternator was dead, he drove back to his store and began to make calls on our behalf, until he had located an open Firestone shop in Marysville who repaired everything, and we drove home without incident!

On a Sunday afternoon around 2:30 PM!  We could have been stranded in the middle of nowhere!  And yet, there was every provision!!  So we are thankful to God for these mercies.

Last, but not least:  I am now officially and legally transitioned in every way.  All that remains is to continue to live each day, day by day, and avail myself of any opportunity that could be mine should They make a way.  I received from the court my legal recognition of gender marker change.  I now have my new Social Security card, that is correct in name and in gender marker, along with court orders of legal gender marker change and legal name change.  My driver’s license is corrected, and my birth certificate is nearly completed too.

Words fail me in my ability to communicate the liberty that I have been gifted with inside my core.

I am Charissa Grace…and I am beloved of God.


7 thoughts on “My Weekend Adventures

  1. Well, wow! Congratulations on everything! Being transitioned- how awesome!!! Isn’t it a great feeling to have those documents all in order? I am so happy to hear that you are receiving acceptance from others. That is sooooo important. 🙂

    • THANK YOU!!! I am now legally me in every way…court ordered name and gender marker change, SS card changed, and birth certificate very soon! Now if only Mama opens the door for the things I long so deeply for about this “body”

      • Oh yes, the “body”. That might take some time. I remember Kris being so impatient to get started but over time he realized that it would all happen in good time.

  2. “Last, but not least: I am now officially and legally transitioned in every way.”

    No way to accurately describe my joy at this. I think my “Ahhhhhhh!!” text message did it little justice, as well.

    Anyway, I am so thrilled for you, Sis. And while these last few weeks have been beyond trying, the soul sunshine is coming. I know it!!

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