4 thoughts on “This Is Literally True About Me

  1. My girl is a Cancer, too. One of the healthiest people I know until finals…she’s barely out of the bathroom long enough to take her tests. I hate it for both of you.
    I’ve been thinking about your dear friend…I’ve been off e-mail, but sending you happy vibes and loving prayers. xoxox

    • Thanks lil mama…my best to your wonderful daughter btw…

      i won’t lie…it has been a rough several days during the holiday season, and Leelah Alcorn’s death was precipitous of so much turbulence within me

      • I’m sorry you’ve had some rough days. I always feel at a loss as to help and be of value. I know you well enough to know that you appreciate my prayers and that’s what I’ll keep sending you. And hugs! Lotsa hugs xxoxoox

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