When I Look at Jameis Winston…

…I see a young O.J. Simpson in the making.

Will he continue to drift on currents to the same reefs, or will some storm arise and blow him to safety?  A Severe Mercy would be a mercy indeed.

But the truly tragic thing is the fate of those people who wait along the way, unknowing, unwitting, that they are seen as mere objects to be used or conquered.

Winston has said in statements that there is nothing worse than being accused of rape when one is innocent.


I know the pain of being falsely accused, but there is a fate far worse:  being raped and violated and no one believing that it happened, and then falsely accusing the victim of having brought it on herself thus deserving what happened to her.

Somehow in this twisted logic, Winston was the righteous one in doling out the just desserts of a deserving object who isn’t even a person, and Winston is the victim because we all have not glorified him for his righteous act, but have instead named him as a selfish animal who dehumanizes people and is drunk on self-aggrandizement and will go to any length to further defile a human being he already violated all the while touting himself as the innocent who is persecuted because everyone else is just jealous of his greatness.

Will it take bloody gloves and slow moving Broncos and a kangaroo court before we see true justice?

May that spirit that drove OJ Simpson to the ramparts of hell die with him, and find no purchase anywhere else…may the storm take Jameis Winston to an island lonely and stark, where he can be stripped of illusion and learn to love truth.tumblr_n0uxs56gh51qifn2ao1_500

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