Kirk Cameron’s Dreaming Of A White, (Male-Dominated) Christmas.

Constance…I just have to reblog this. YEs, reblogging John again!

Well…he gets it, and he isn’t afraid to speak…and best of all he speaks with straight grace that shows tempered strength.

So grateful for the support he gives us…show him a bit of love, encourage him…and it would be a cool thing to take a thing or 3 from his example.

john pavlovitz

Kirk Cameron seems like a perfectly nice guy.

I believe he genuinely loves Jesus. As such, he and I are family. Sometimes brothers have to say honest, hard words to one another.

I bet if we were to speak face to face, I’d find him charming, personable, and quite endearing. I imagine we’d have great conversations about our love for God and family.

That’s part of the problem.

With nice guys like Kirk, it’s especially difficult to realize when they’re doing damage, and I believe that in subtle but real ways, he is.

This week he released this video in advance of a book release called Saving Christmas. On the surface, the content seems perfectly benign, life-affirming, and downright heartwarming; a call to reclaim the “joy of the Lord” during the Christmas season and let it be a beacon for others.

If that was all it said, that would be wonderful.

The problem with the video is…

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