Calling My Poetry Lovers

Hii Pamela!

(LOL…so if “Constance is my shorthand for “Constant Reader”, then I shall make “Pamela” my shorthand for my poetry readers!)

So listen…I am putting a call out.  What is up with my poem Hummingbird Hurricanes?  There really have been crickets on this post, and this surprises me…oh I am never really sure if a poem is good or not, but what I am sure of is how I feel after I write a poem, and how there has been a strong correlation when I feel one way about a poem and the kinds of reaction a poem gets.

When there are lots of comments and reactions to a poem, it matches a certain feeling inside.

And I had that feeling over this poem.  I was excited, could not wait to post it…and…

*crickets in the gutter*

So I want feedback!  Tell me, is it really that incomprehensible?  Are the metaphors convoluted?  Is its belt too tight, shoes too small?

If it is too incomprehensible, well…this time I am doing no lexicon, no Rosetta stone…there are very easy and simple keys here.  It relates to prior poems, it is on themes I very often am drawn to…it deals in 3s…and there are 3s scattered all around us.  Spiritual 3s, 3s of humanity, 3s of indivdual human beings, 3s in intersecting things in my poetry.

Ah well…sometimes I guess we just miss it as poets…if that is the case with this one, alas.

At any rate, I like it very much and am proud to have birthed this poem in the difficulties and I find myself in…it is a good indicator that I will eventually bounce back and live, and not die.

Love, Charissa (the insecure poetess)


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