The P Word

Why I Don’t Suppress My Gender Identity in the Workplace — Everyday Feminism.

Constance…I met this book store owner a few months ago.  She was so amazingly kind to me and showed me immediate kindredness and welcomed me into her heart with open arms, to mix my metaphors kookily!

She has kept in touch and has written me personal emails frequently…and one came today that had this link.  I read a lot at Everyday Feminism.  It is a really intelligent site, and they have a plethora of writers who basically box the compass on all issues we face today, with emphasis on a broad definition of feminism.

This one is so fabulous, because it gets to something that I got hammered with a lot…the P Word.  Professional.

Go…check it out…you just might find ways that you yourself have been othered, or worse.


One thought on “The P Word

  1. Awesome post. Salient part for me:

    “Professionalism is a funny term, because it masquerades as neutral despite being loaded with immense oppression.”

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