Too Close to the Edge

My amazing fellow poetess Lynda…my Sister in our Sea of words and frolics of similes on seas of metaphor…my fellow anguisette turning out beauty for ashes and good old love for indifference

thank you Lynda, you are a godsend to me and Someday you will know how vital are the things you too often deem as meagre.

With Deep love and appreciation, Charissa


When a winding staircase
seems to be never ending
like climbing rain clouds

o n e



lightening striking once, twice
wondering, dreaming
if third time is the charm

that finally washes all the cares away;

too close to the ledge,
and the crowd wants you
to jump.

That bridge seems so far away
from redemption
when pain, then indifference
washes over you,





Suddenly, there is no place
further to fall and you hear that song,
open those hazy eyes and see all of the colors
that were faded, before,
faces of strangers look familiar,
trees sway to the beat

and you get out of that car,
song still playing

and just run

through fields of happy weeping,
acres of flowers and their sun

until your feet find your soul home.


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3 thoughts on “Too Close to the Edge

  1. Charissa, I am so thankful for you and your lovely words, and especially your friendship. I created my blog hoping to get my words out there because the biggest reason I write is to touch hearts. I did not expect to be able to do that in a sea of strangers, but from this vast place, I found a “sister in metaphor” and that is amazing . Thank you . ❤ Lynda

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