When Your ‘Perfect World’ is My Hell on Earth

Constance, I saw this quote today, and it really resonated with me.  Recently I have been told that being transgender is completely due to a fallen world, and that if the fall had not happened, then I would not be trans…

This is a different perspective, and I emboldened the salient parts.

Thanks for being there, Constance, and apologies for the last post.  I can tell it is about as popular as a dog pooping in church…no comments or likes on it…I don’t blame you.  I don’t like it myself!

“Cissexism is evident in variations of the belief that, “In a perfect world, trans people wouldn’t exist.” Sadly, it’s not uncommon for trans people to hear this from acquaintances. Presumably more people think this, but understand that telling someone you think the world would be a better place if there (sic) existence were negated is fundamentally fucked up.

Less often do you hear the opposite. That is, you rarely ever have someone say, “In a perfect world, trans people’s existence would be affirmed and would never be questioned.”

Beliefs become manifest in the world through actions and norms. The former belief will influence a society that is inherently antagonistic to the existence of trans people. This is the current status quo. We have an entire social structure that insists on endlessly forcing trans people to prove we actually exist, and still doesn’t accept this reality in the face of any amount of proof.

The latter belief would influence a world that is supportive and affirming of trans people’s existence. Yet a world where the lived reality of trans people is trusted and unquestioned is beyond the imagination of those cis people who prefer to think “perfection” is the negation of those different from themselves.”

Learning to fly II

2 thoughts on “When Your ‘Perfect World’ is My Hell on Earth

  1. People are afraid of what they don’t know or understand. Sometimes taking the time to educate oneself and one’s heart changes everything.

    Sometimes it changes You.

    With heart,

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