A Question, Constance

Good morning Constance…I have been mulling something over as a possibility…so I am going to ask you:

Would you like me to post a short lexicon, or Rosetta Stone for my poems as I post them?

I have been loth to do so except in certain instances because I strongly feel that part of poetry’s joy and challenge is on the part of the reader…believe it or not, you help “write” the poem when you read it, think about it, and let it into your heart.  I am frequently amazed at things that people pull out of the poems, things that were right there in plain sight all along that I flat out missed…

(for instance, give How Bones Feel a fresh look, and read for subtext…Heather and I had quite a laugh at our last session as she related to me the things that jumped out at her, and every single one of them was completely unconscious on my part!!  It was pretty dang funny)

Anyway, there has been a fairly good case for the other option, and I have seen good fruit in readers and their appreciation of poetry as I share a bit more of what my metaphors are pointing to, what I am really trying to say.

So, please use the comment section of this post to let me know if that would be helpful, or just let them stand and be…

Thanks!  🙂  So glad you are along to start year number two of Grace Notes!



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