Fuzzy Thoughts

Simply must re-post this…the place where I don’t even know that I am…where I am so flowy and involved with life that I think I shall burst with contentment! That is the place Kat writes, and Constance, please know that inside the heart of this seemingly small and quiet person is the heart of a huge freaking lion and the determination of an elephant and the protective grace of a water buffalo!


Dandelion Fuzz


When I found this quote, I immediately thought about Kris and all he’s been through and continues to go through in his journey to become the best self he can be. I was at a meeting tonight and when I got home he was sitting on the couch with his laptop open on the coffee table. He had spent the day recreating our house on his Sim’s game and he had filled it with Sim’s characters of us. Apparently we as Sim’s people were quite amusing. He looked up when I walked into the room and smiled as he reached out to pause the tv show he was watching. The upturned corners of his mouth, the sort of slouchy way he was sitting so he could reach his computer, and the flow of his words as he related the latest in his Sim’s house and then went on to inform…

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