Grace: God’s Hiding Place

The Way of Grace and the Way of Nature

Constance…this devotional just rang my bell every which way…of course, right?  On Grace…


Here is a salient part:

The life that is grace-filled lives for others, revels in the beauty and wonder of the created world, and extends a gracious forgiveness toward others. It is this grace-filled life that the now adult Jack remembers as a clue to God’s whereabouts. The gracious way in which his mother lived, and the way his younger brother extended forgiveness to the young Jack after he viciously shot him in the hand with a pellet gun provide the first hints for God’s hiding place. Jack recalls, “Brother, mother, it was they who led me to your door.” In these grace-filled human encounters, the doorway is opened to God’s dwelling place.

I would be honored if you read the whole thing…and then sat and seriously pondered the question:

“How do I go about living a grace-full life?

Love, Charissa


4 thoughts on “Grace: God’s Hiding Place

  1. “Indeed, the belief in a God who can be easily found, and who has acted in time and space, makes the experience of God’s hiddenness all the more poignant and perplexing.”


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