That Type of Girl Deserves It

That Type of Girl Deserves It.

Constance, don’t walk, run over to read this article.  It powerfully exposes the fundamentally misogynist and sexist thought assumed as a basis of how to think regarding the pirating and theft of nude images from various celebrities.

I post this because when it initially hit the news, my baby and I talked about it, and I am ashamed to confess were both somewhat phlegmatic over the issue.  Our position, without a scintilla of deeper reflection, was that if you didn’t want naked pictures of yourself appearing anywhere, don’t take naked pictures of yourself.


Well, how embarrassed do I feel now about that unwitting and assumed participation in the current paradigm of thought?

I was wrong…we were wrong.  That is like saying if someone gets naked in their bedroom then they deserve to get raped when they go in public.  After all, if they don’t want to be raped, just don’t get naked.

The author makes these points in a clear minded and powerfully worded way.  I was moved especially by the ways I am just discovering these currents and assumptions and bonds on my own behaviour.  I feel these things, and am not sure what they are!  I sense them, and find myself modifying my actions without even knowing why…

…and most of all, it was exactly like how I felt when this man I interacted with othered me so blatantly and with such assumed privilege and sense of owning my body and my life because he was firmly ensconced in patriarchal thinking and the pinnacle of power in that system:  Male, White, Christian.

Content alert:  the link goes to a website that occasionally has articles that use profanity and vulgar vernacular.  While I am not easily offended, I would not post such things on my own blog, for reasons that it would take the blog away from my vision and purpose of Gracenotes…so I want to warn about that.

Okay…now go check out the article.  It is pretty thought provoking, for us all.


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