What I Want For Christmas

When I got home,
my thoughts were milling
like sheep round the shepherd
come to lead them to pastures green and waters still,
milling around you, around blessings, around treasure

my icons, symbols metaphors hung
on walls to glorify the ordinary and
reveal the one and only state
i shared them with you.

then I went outside and picked tomatoes
in the breezy busy day,
early in autumn’s business
and not yet serious
about this fall into splendour.

I heard Mama rustle in the blue spruce
and then in the buzzy bees
in our strawberries
low and humble.

and then I knew what I want for Christmas.

I want to serve you and R Christmas Dinner…
my Prime Rib grilled and salty,
hot and tender and
dripping garlic splendour,
smoked turkey toothsome
and stuffed with a riot
of savory sage elements
and candy ham, salty salty
overlaid with maple glaze
and apricots…
and all the sides.

(potatoes mashed, candied, salad, cheeses, pies, green beans overlayed with crunch
and wine…yes.
I will show you wine, for real)

I want to share this Communion with you
as we laff into the night
and welcome yet again
the Babe into
this Prison Camp world
and shout to the ages
Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!!!

and all around us lights
and the thick green smell of
Hope eternal and renewed
and ornaments and baubles
adorning the Person of
our Adoration.

Yeah… That’s what I want for Christmas


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