AAAaaakkkk!!! (Part 2)

Good Morning Constance!

Welp…it happened again!  I got the dreaded award nomination lol!  It was made by the wonderful Lynda over at

forget-me-not poetry blog (one of my favs, by the way…Rissa sez check it out!)

The nicest thing about the nomination was the very honoring and completely blessing kind word Lynda had for me…thanks so very much!  It made my day.

Well…as I have mentioned before, I do not really follow very many blogs, but I think the Qs are fun to answer, so I will do that here…and then if any of you wish to fill in my nomination spots with blogs you like?  Post ’em in the comments!!  🙂

So without further ado:

1. Where does your inspiration come from?

Omg…what a great Q!!  And that is one which comes up in my heart constantly!  LOL!  I will write something and wonder where in heaven did that poem arise from, or emerge from?  So I guess I would attribute my inspiration to Lady Grace.

Here is a little about the process for me though…I will be bopping along, and say something to someone, and it just takes on some resonance…like recently I said this to a friend: “Overtones, Harmonics, and Hues”.  It immediately struck me as a poem title and subject…and yes, it is in process right now! lol

Or…I will see something, like I did for High Spring Pastiche .  That day, we drove by a recently shorn hay field, surrounded by a copse of trees, and the light just perfect and the dark gloaming of evening juuusssttt starting to slip from the ground…

Or, something gets on my heart…I experience something, someone says something odd, does something odd

(and sad to say this happens a lot now with men…something odd!  It seems there are individuals who are attracted to someone specifically because they are transgender.  Now, there is nothing inherently immoral about that for sure, but it feels really creepy to me, given that I am married and madly in love with my baby, who is my very heart!  I am always very clear about that, and I do not give off mixed signals in this regard.  Yes, I do love deeply, and am willing to connect to people in a deep way as friends, but that is it.

What makes this a bit harder is my commitment to always be kind, compassionate, friendly and open of heart.  Apparently, it is easy for this to be misinterpreted.

That didn’t happen pre-transition!  To all my girfriends??  OMG…I HAD NO IDEA!!!  lolololol)

A huge source of inspiration are photos, images, artworks, and even other poems.  I wrote “A Humble Fall Beginning” recently and used some imagery that was given to me by my bff in another poem…and I was so pleased with the result, for she recognized it and it connected us just that little bit more.

2. What are 3 of your favorite activities?

Besides writing poetry, I love to talk to my baby and do everything with her.  We ride bikes together, so cycling is my fave physical activities

Right behind that, I love to talk to my bff or to write her letters, emails, txts, or crazy lil notes.  After 50 years of friendship abortions, this live birth is more precious to me than gold.

I love to cook, and as a home cook I am really good.  I can pretty much make anything, if I have a recipe…but since I came to myself last year, and worked through a lot of those issues of being, I am much freer to simply take good ingredients and get creative!  And, as my darling could tell you, that never happened before!  Omg, I was soo vigilant down to the last grain of flour.  Sigh…it was a reflection of my self-imposed vigilance that I signed up for as a 6 year old on that fateful night those long years ago…but that’s another story for another time.

I think I would be driven crazy if I owned a restaurant though…I don’t like the way it changes for me, whenever money is exchanged and now I “owe” the meal rather than birth the meal.  The time constraints, the ordering of food and dealing with vendors, the wait staff which may or may not be invested in the heart of my vision of a place where people would come and be fed…and eat food too…

And lastly, I love to read.

3. What are some of your favorite books? Movies?

Favorite books????  Giggles…it would be easier to list the ones I don’t like!  I mean, I read voraciously, and over a wide range, and have favorites for different reasons…some favorite books are not enjoyable books, if that makes any sense?  But let me give it a go:

The Lord of the Rings
All Books in the Kushiel Saga
by Jacqueline Carey (you may have to work to get into these.  There are frank depictions of sexuality that may be offensive to some.  There is a lot worse out there in this department.  But the reason I love these books is because they tell the tale of a woman who becomes, and learns how to suffer for others, and then learns the deepest nature of what Love really is.  Without fear, I give these books my highest endorsement, and promise that if you can fight thru to the 3rd one, you will be staggered by the scope of the sacrifices.  I recommended them to my own daughters, once they were adults, and one read them and told me she was sooo glad she did!
The Stand
(a modern dystopian LOTR tale told in reverse)
Replay by Ken Grimwood, and Song of Kali by Dan Simmons
The Wise Woman
(or any George MacDonald Story)
The Harry Potter series (and no I do not believe these books teach kids witchcraft and all the other tropes that rose when those books first came out.  There is a good argument to be made that symbolically Rowling is nodding tributes to the Inklings.  Besides…if you are not reading books at the same time your kids are, then you are missing out on your opportunity, and somewhat your duty as well.
Watership Down and The Plague Dogs
Now…there are literally thousands more, that I just am not recalling…Horton Hears a Who, the 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins just popped in my head…
and yeah, you noticed that there are no so called classics on the list.  I confess this:  while I have read them all, I find very few that I actually like!!  Far too often I find them boring and distant from me.
The last one I will mention is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley…this book is about me.  I am that monster.  If you read thru this, you will read in the monster’s anguish the existential cry of a creature who ought not exist…me.  And you will read of the boasting self-worship and self-reliance of the creator who made the monster in his own image, and then turned his back on the thing…and sadly, that is also me (and I suspect it is every person when we seek to sit the throne of our own lives)

The Technological Society/Propaganda/The Technological System by Jacques Ellul.  Ummm…omg this is un-believable.  I wept my way thru all of Propaganda, and Technological System was dry eyed, cried out.
The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis…says in 100 pages what took Ellul 3 books to say.
The Meaning of the City, and The Politics of God, the Politics of Man also by Jacques Ellul.  These books are the theological side of what Ellul lays out to us in that trilogy.
Living Faith by Ellul…and How Should We Then Live/The God Who is There by Francis Schaeffer.
The Christian Mind: How Should A Christian Think?  by Harry Blamires
All things by A.W. Tozer, all things by Charles Spurgeon, St John of the Cross and the other writers who were there in this area of extreme devotional pursuit of God.
Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.  Simply…this book revolutionized my relationship with God.
The Real Faith by Charles Price…essentially teaches that as a gift given to us, real faith is the faith of our Lord Jesus Himself, and with that kind of faith all things are possible.  It makes a few truth claims I would back off on, but the essential doctrine concerning faith is fairly sound…chew the meat and spit the bones.
Christ’s Paralyzed Church X-Rayed by T.J. McCrossen.  Literally the very best book I have ever read that gives a sound biblical foundation for the miraculous actions of the Holy Spirit in today’s world.  I cannot recommend this high enough.  If you struggle with the notion of miracles, spiritual gifts, and other more charismatic expressions of God’s Presence still being alive and for today’s church, this book will help you.  And, if you already are okay with all that, this book will ground you deeply in biblical foundational teaching for the veracity of such phenomenon today.
When Jesus Comes Again by Everett Carver.  This book is an Amillenial treatment of the last days, and I admit that it had a HUGE impact on my thinking in eschatelogical areas.  And yes, in case you are wondering, I do indeed reject the notion of a pre-tribulation rapture, and am uncertain about nearly all of the modern teaching on eschatology.  I do not argue or debate that topic…too often it seems that the emotion of others profoundly outweighs the scriptural weight of their assertions, and to hurt someone needlessly seems futile.  (Now, if they were questioning the Incarnation?  Well, we would have to go round and round then!! LOL)
The Hope of Israel by Philip Mauro…a nice counterpoint to Carver’s book.

And again…thousands of books not mentioned…The Art of War, The Face of Battle, the writings of Adam Smith, philosophers right and left (most of whom I disagree with by the way…for whatever that’s worth!)

Then there are the genre books…Dick Francis (LOVE), Romance novels (hit and miss…too much dirty stuff that is not directly pertaining to the story), Hard Boiled Detective Fiction, Mysteries, anything by Jack Finney, the strange novels of Jon Manchip White, various history treatises and so on.

Last…my absolute favorite author of all-time:  Dani

Movies:  I will just stick with my all time fave…The Sound of Music

4. Where would you most like to visit?

Omg…Dani’s house!  lololol  No…the first place would be France, with my baby and our bikes, and go ride the Alps and Pyrenees and the Massif Central, and then of course visit the various wine places…then off to Brittany and the north coast before moving over to Scotland.  Those stark highlands scour me like nothing else.

5. Who are your favorite authors?

De Luca, Tolkien, Lewis, Ellul, MacDonald, Chandler, King, Francis, Penelope Wilcox, Jacqueline Carey, and the list goes on

6. How long have you been blogging?

Less than a year.

7. What makes you smile?

Babies.  Dogs.  My bff.  But my baby makes me laff!!

8. Does inspiration interrupt your sleep?

What sleep? (I am not joking)

9. Is there a certain hour the day when you are more inspired to write?

Not really…I just love to be a sponge, and whammo there it is

10. What is your favorite quote?

Philippians 3:8-14 and 2 Cor. 3:18 (sorry, nothing fancy here…these 2 quotes are my truest and deepest heart cries)

11. If you could sit down and have a conversation with anyone (alive or passed),
who would it be?

Why, my bff of course!  Who else??

But, to address the Qs intent:  Priscilla, from the N.T.   and Barnabus…the partner of Saul become Paul, and the one who was known as the encourager.  When I was 15, Jesus asked me who would I be if I could be anyone in the Bible…anyone…and of course I thought of all the heroes, the big names…nothing fit me.  Well, I always thought that Priscilla was actually an apostle in Jesus’ heart, but was bound by the customs of the day…and wow did she just make the most of it.  But of course, even though she was my deepest desire?  I “had to pick a boy” of course…so I picked Barnabus.  He was the one who had mercy on Mark when he was in the throes of his immaturity…thanks to Barnabus, we have a gospel from Mark (of all people!!)

Awwright…there are my answers, and that is about as far as I am getting with this award.  Thanks for the nomination, and for accepting these meager offerings!

Love, Charissa



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