For my Poetry Lover readers…

Hi…I am so honored that you come here to read my poetry.  While I write for my self, I find myself feeling so amazed when something I wrote means something to someone else.

Just to let you know why there have been no poems recently…I am working on a pretty epic poem right now (tentative working title is “Quartet”).  It is a difficult one, for in it I am listening to 4 distinct voices, and seeking to capture 4 different styles…and then let them all weave together in the reader when the reader reads and forms their own weaving pattern.

I mention this here because there is also a possibility that I many never post this one here…but it is resonating in my heart so I am proud of the lil girl so far.

I have a few quirky ones that are stuck in me and I keep turning them over and over, so if one of them gets free, then awesome!  There will be something sooner than laters!

My coming week is a bit unknown too…I hope my staffing crunch is better, but it is tough to say, as I will have 2 people gone again, so fingers crossed!  If I get the chance to be in my office, then I might get more opportunity to write.

Lots of love, and always always gratefulness to be side by side during this moment in our journies.



3 thoughts on “For my Poetry Lover readers…

  1. Good luck on your works in progress! Your Quartet poem sounds like it will be epic! I can’t imagine the work that will go into it….has gone into it!

    I am currently surrounded by saved drafts of really awful posts. I need quiet. Lol

    Good luck with your work issues.

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