What do you all think?

Ok…here is another lil quote:

“If the word ‘sorry’ needs to be said more than once for the same reason, it should never have been said in the first place.”
— The truth

Now…I get the sentiment.  It is stating that we ought to be sincere and deep in our repentance for when we have transgressed someone or something.

But:  I strongly disagree that once is enough, and if you say it more than that you weren’t sincere the first time.

“Sorry” is a power word…and as a power word it has power to heal.  When spoken in the proper attitude, it will heal, and heal and heal.  And when the healing is complete, why “sorry” withdraws the field and awaits the next battle.

What I am trying to say by that, is that sometimes we are totally sorry for what we did, and totally inept at expressing it to the one(s) we are sorry to.  Sometimes the things we are sorry over are deep and very hurtful things that one sorry is like one bucket of water poured onto a house afire…the issue is not with the water, the issue is with the bucket!

Constance…turn away from seeming truisms that are tricky and assuage our innate laziness in relationships!  Follow your heart, and speak in love!  Too much love is better than not enough, and when it has been enough sorry’s everyone will know…capisce??  Capisce!!

Rissa Roo




The Universe…and Mama

Constance, I found this delightful quote:

“I am trying to see things in perspective. My dog wants a bite of my peanut butter chocolate chip bagel. I know she cannot have this, because chocolate makes dogs very sick. My dog does not understand this. She pouts and wraps herself around my leg like a scarf and purrs and tries to convince me to give her just a tiny bit. When I do not give in, she eventually gives up and lays in the corner, under the piano, drooping and sad. I hope the universe has my best interest in mind like I have my dog’s. When I want something with my whole being, and the universe withholds it from me, I hope the universe thinks to herself: “Silly girl. She thinks this is what she wants, but she does not understand how it will hurt.”

Now…I don’t know if universe thinks this or not.  The universe has never talked to me, or even capered madly in front of me making silly faces (Mama has done this by the way…giggle!  She funny…She very funny).

I think a lot about the idea that is gaining prevalence in modern thought that the universe is sentient, and is benevolent as well.  My mind is strange and quirky…because I wonder:  why benevolent?  Why not malevolent?  Why not indifferent?

Here is my take:  I do believe that we as creatures are innately wired with a sense of justice, of “ought to be”.  Think about this…whether you attribute origins and causes to God or to a process or if you believe in “always was always will be”…we still all have it, the “ought to be”.

We are also wired with a sense that rationality and reason are good guiding principles and that our reality can be (partially) grasped and explained with such, and again, I will simply giggle when I am confronted with elaborate well reasoned arguments why everything is meaningless and absurd (and these beautiful lines of reasoning use reason and rationality in an exquisite way…giggles again and a nose chuckle simper).

We are also wired with a deep sense that our world around us speaks of something “Beyond”, and this sense is deeply stirred in majestic acts or displays in creation.  Creation is evocative of that Beyond, regardless of what or who we attribute “Beyond” to…we are wired to know we dwell in the heart of a Mystery, and that mysterium tremendum is our dwelling place…and we long for that mystery to be made known, fully.

Last, we have an innate wired sense of Beauty…and Truth (both with capitals intended).

Here is why I posted this, besides that I love the quote:  I am happy that Mama has messed with me and done these things for me that the quote refers to.  I am overjoyed that the Incarnation of God Themself, the One known as Jesus, undertook an act simultaneously creative and destructive all at once:  when He displayed Their passion for all (even the universe?) and made every single axis of being and existence intersect in that great and terrible offense and wonder known as the cross, rich with its attendant implications. (as an aside, even if you are not christian in faith, reading the implied actions and existential declarations that the cross entails is a matter of great interest.  you would most likely need to go to old time-y writers such as the early church fathers…but there are some fabulous modern theologians who in moments of philosophical bliss wax eloquent about it…Rissa says check it out…and gives a loving shrug and shoulder punch even if you don’t 🙂 )

I don’t know much about God, truthfully.  The more I find out, the less I know…but the even more honest truth?  I don’t know a dadburn thang about the universe.  It don’t say much.

In jovial irony, tongue just a lil in cheek…



For my Poetry Lover readers…

Hi…I am so honored that you come here to read my poetry.  While I write for my self, I find myself feeling so amazed when something I wrote means something to someone else.

Just to let you know why there have been no poems recently…I am working on a pretty epic poem right now (tentative working title is “Quartet”).  It is a difficult one, for in it I am listening to 4 distinct voices, and seeking to capture 4 different styles…and then let them all weave together in the reader when the reader reads and forms their own weaving pattern.

I mention this here because there is also a possibility that I many never post this one here…but it is resonating in my heart so I am proud of the lil girl so far.

I have a few quirky ones that are stuck in me and I keep turning them over and over, so if one of them gets free, then awesome!  There will be something sooner than laters!

My coming week is a bit unknown too…I hope my staffing crunch is better, but it is tough to say, as I will have 2 people gone again, so fingers crossed!  If I get the chance to be in my office, then I might get more opportunity to write.

Lots of love, and always always gratefulness to be side by side during this moment in our journies.



Aaaaakkk!! NOMINATED??????

Good morning Constance…oh, don’t worry…in spite of the 20 Pt headline I am totes fine LOL!!


My reaction is in finding out that I have been nominated for some award for this blog, the Lovely Blog award, or something like that?

Ohhhh….un BEEV able!!  (inside joke, lol baby!!)

So I am supposed to share 7 facts about myself, and then nominate a bunch of people…well, I can do the facts…but the nomination part I think I will pass on, as I don’t really know that many blogs that I relate to in such a way…sowwweee sis!!

so the seven facts…oh god! lol

1.  I have been Haunted By a Lovely God (literally)

2.  I am helplessly in love with a person that I have loved since the literal first instant I laid eyes on her, and I also heard an audible voice tell me that day to take a good long look, that is the person I was going to marry.  I think it was the voice of Mama (and I have only ever heard it out loud 3 times…this one, once when I think it was Jesus speaking and He said “Tell me” (long story) and once it was the Father who said “yes” (another long story! giggles).  When I heard this, I was engaged to another girl (against the counsel of Them, btw…)…and since I heard this, over the years I have occasionally cried from gratitude for her being in my life and cried in anger for her being in my life!!!  In short, I am madly hopelessly in love with her!  LOLOLOL!!!!!!!


3.  I have 4 children.

4.  I am a cyclist…I used to race, years ago.  I got that out of my system, thank god!  The bike was my place of solace and consolation, the means by which I transformed the inner pain and agony in my soul into physical suffering, and thus somehow was expiated and delivered…empty but at least not in agony.  Now however, the bike is the place where my baby and I spend a few hours everyday together (on separate bikes…if we had a tandem we would KILL each other…giggles).

5.  I am a great home cook, and would be a lousy chef…because I just refuse to cook on any time line.  It is ready when I get it ready, and it is just so.  My food is magical…no, not the greatest exquisite cuisine…but rather, when people come to my house, and I have cooked, some sort of amazing magic happens and there is a great presence of joy amongst people, regardless of race, creed, or color.  This has happened from the beginning, and it simply is what it is.

6.  I love to read, and love to write poetry.  My poems simultaneously write themselves and are meticulously planned and written by me.

7. I am told I am very funny, and my baby says it is one of her very favorite things about me, my spontaneous wit and humor.  I cannot help it…there constantly is a flow of songs, verse, funny thoughts, puns, jokes, rhymes, stories…CONSTANT…inside me.  When I am with someone I trust it just comes pouring out non stop.  When I am with someone I don’t trust…nothing.  Ever.

There!  I just told you precisely nothing about me!  giggles.

Now…I hereby make the comment space available for you all to nominate anyone you think is deserving of the Lovely Blog award, and then email them or comment to them and tell them they have to post facts!

*Kat stares incredulous, and hollers ‘Rissa, you big cop out!!!!’ but secretly wonders, damn, why didn’t I think of that!!!????*