“Today, be the reason someone feels loved.”

I saw this quote today…and wanted to issue

“Charissa’s Love Challenge”

Can you set aside your own priorities, perspectives and passions for those moments necessary to identify someone in your circle of influence, focus on who they are and what they are, tune in to their need, hunger, obstacle, burden, whatever (choose something that is in your power to bestow), and then simply be a conduit of blessing…from Them thru you to s/he/them.

You will be surprised at the result…inside your own heart!

Your inner poverty will be exposed as those areas you think you are rich in…and you will at last understand that it is in the turning away from self-preoccupation and carving out the time and space to “take care of you”, and then turning instead to an other orientation, a servant identification (think St Francis and becoming a “channel of Thy Peace”)…

…and you will find your self enriched, multiplied, and strangely fulfilled and at peace, at rest in ways you have never been before.

Imagine if every reader does this…and then from the overflow of riches does it again, and again, and…

…yeah.  You’re catching on!

In Grace and Giving,

Charissa Grace


5 thoughts on ““Today, be the reason someone feels loved.”

  1. Love this quote! I’m going to put this on my desk in my classroom so I can remember to reach out to students who really need encouragement. I do this anyway, but the reminder is nice as it lets me know just how important this can be for some people.

    • Ohh, Amy I am soo thrilled to hear that! It is a fabulous idea. I remember teachers from my past…a couple of whom saved my life, though neither of us knew it at the time.

      Thanks so much for hanging out at Gracenotes…it comforts me to know that people such as yourself read and resonate!
      Blessings and a grateful heart,

  2. At a time when I’m not feeling so loving, this will truly be a challenge but I’m up for it! I’ve gotten so buried under “life” that I need to remember this. Thank you, as always!!!

    • Kat, just yes to that…and in those times when you don’t feel loved at all and that no one is saying the things your heart needs to hear? Think of your sis, Charissa, and know that I do love you, I do care, and you could imagine what I would say and it will be so, an echo of my true heart and thankfulness for your life.

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