Is your rock sufficient in that day?

I ran across this quote attributed to Robin WIlliams, and it struck me:

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
– Robin Williams

First take?  I reflexively agreed that yes, many things have changed due to words and ideas.  WIlliam Wilberforce, along with many others used words and ideas and effected lasting transformation of a culture and economic system based on oppression and slavery…or did it change?  Are we no longer oppressing anyone in the name of money?

Gandhi is said to have effected change due to words and ideas…but was there?  True, radical revolution of political systems, even in India where the rigid caste system enforces oppression based strictly on birth status and station?

Contemplate the many examples that will jump to mind, in short term, and then in the long run…let them be both things thought positive, and things thought negative, such as the words and ideas of Marx, Lenin, Hitler, the philosophers that underlie those ideas…

…and then consider Robin himself, his words, his ideas…his tragic end…and think about it:  what changed?  How?

There are some words and ideas whose power is radically transformative.  Everywhere these words have been taken at face value and understood within the heart properly freedom has flourished and righteousness has had opportunity to shine its brilliant hopeful light.

How about you?  How do your words bring change, and is it change for the better?  Your ideas…are you a living testament to love, life and liberty?  Or despair, faithlessness and death?

No one else really knows, but you do…

Do justice.  Love Mercy.  Walk Humbly.

Charissa Grace


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