A definite theme emerging this morning!!

lede-5Transgender At 10.

Constance…I believe there is a challenge from Mama this morning to men…here is a fabulous article about a young transgender girl, her family, and specifically her father and how he realized that he was becoming his own child’s first bully.  And more importantly, what he did about it.

This is a true, manly action…providing for the health and well being of his family regardless of personal cost or sacrifice.  Putting his loved ones first over his own fulfillment…that is a true cherishing of a “weaker vessel” (read vessel with no power, privilege or position).

He saw the need…turned away from his own presuppositions…and made a way.

May he be blessed, and may his efforts be the seeds that would continue an avalanche of change already started, but tiny and just beginning!



4 thoughts on “A definite theme emerging this morning!!

  1. I think it’s important for there to be articles that are about real people. When I found out that Kris was transgender, the only people I ran into online all seemed so together and okay and it made me feel like a bad parent and a real mess. Sometimes it might take a parent longer to accept it and get on board- it’s more important that they get on board.

  2. What a fascinating article. I’m glad there are a few open states where these families can live and get insurance. The treatments are very expensive. I’m happy Lynne’s parents were so supportive, this probably isn’t typical. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Oh yes you are welcome and I appreciate your reading as well. True change will come about with people in places like you who can be opinion opinion influencers on your students and their parents.
      Thanks again

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