Should We ‘Fix’ Intersex Children? – ​Charlotte Greenfield – The Atlantic

Should We ‘Fix’ Intersex Children? – ​Charlotte Greenfield – The Atlantic.

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See, humans are born on a gender spectrum, both emotionally and physically.  This fact has long been covered up by our cultural paradigm regarding gender:  That gender is a binary condition, and variations from this binary are anomalies that must be fixed, and fixed immediately.  So, for decades, thousands of parents every year had to make an agonizing decision which was thrust on them by well meaning but wrong medical professionals:  let us fix your child’s body.

Here is the problem…they were usually wrong!  Long term research is now available which has followed the lives of people who were mutilated as infants…yes, the word is mutilated.  Just because the motives were good the facts of the deed remain the same.  When they got it wrong, the mental health and spiritual difficulties of the lives of these victims went off the charts.

We are finally becoming more enlightened, and there are now some medical professionals who advocate just waiting until the child can express themself and tell the world who they are, what they are.

Imagine this:  you went to bed, perfectly content in your lil life, imperfect as it may be…and woke up the next morning to discover that your body had been surgically altered!!  If that prospect makes you feel eager and happy, welcome to the identity of being transgender!  BUT:  if that freaks you out and horrifies you?  Welcome to the world of a transperson who either is in the wrong body by birth…or who has had their intersex body mutilated and in the exact wrong way!

I am excited for this time and place in our society…we have true opportunity to make a way for future human beings to live in freedom and a greater degree of wholeness…and with those obstacles removed, perhaps more time to spend contemplatively, growing and becoming who They made us to be.

In grace with much hope!



One thought on “Should We ‘Fix’ Intersex Children? – ​Charlotte Greenfield – The Atlantic

  1. I really hope we see strides being made in this area. I know that even small steps are steps in the right direction but….. Come on!

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