This Is How A Father Should Love | Raising My Rainbow

This Is How A Father Should Love | Raising My Rainbow.

Constance, you know my admiration for Lorie Duron, who she is, and what she is doing for her children.

She embodies what being a mother is…and no, she is not perfect, not supermom…she is simply oozing love and following the North Star of her spirit unflinchingly (which is this: “What is the best love for my family?”)

But her words today really got to me, as she blogged about her husband, his commitment to her, to their children, and to a greater cause of compassion and acceptance overall.

When more men have the courage to be gentle with those who need gentleness instead of trying to remake everyone into their own twisted image, then we will be getting somewhere!!!!!

Lorie, I can tell you from my years of wandering in the deserts of men-only spaces, your husband is indeed one in a million, maybe one in a trillion!  Well, maybe not quite that since there haven’t been a trillion people in history, but ya’ll get my drift!

The Duron family…what a good mirror to look into for us!  We see the Father’s love, unconditional and fierce, The Spirit’s love, comforting and surrounding, and the Son’s love will be manifest as these two kids of theirs grow and mature into a destiny that involves being lightning rods of paradigm shift in a world desperately needing one!


Read!  😀


Love, Charissa Grace

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